Wasabi Stories vol.26: “Life is a continuous effort to reduce the complaints”


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wasabi stories“Life is a continuous effort to reduce the complaints”

Today’s article is an interview of a famous author [W:Nobuko Takagi].

Interviewer: “How do you balance up work and private life?”

Takagi: “Once I switch “mode”, I absorb in the mode.”

Not only as an author, but she has the role of wife, mother and daughter.

She is also a member of various literary awards’ selection committee, and manages her own website.

It’s important for her to “switch her mode” when she is busy.

Interviewer: How do you order your priorities?

Takagi: The things that have time limit are the top priorities.

Following the principal, first she has the time to communicate with her aged mother.

The next priority is the works that relate to other people’s lives such as selection of literary awards.

She also puts importance on family time especially with her husband.

As a tip to keep good relationship with husband, she said that telling “You are the greatest thing of all I have” works very well.

Interviewer: What can man do when nothing goes well?

Takagi: First of all, don’t forget that life is the thing that doesn’t go well. Basically, anyone has trouble and something that doesn’t go as one hoped. Always, people have some complaints and it’s normal. But it’s important to not be slapdash.


Takagi says “Life is a continuous effort to reduce the complaints little by little. To live the life you want live, one makes effort hard sometimes uglily; however, one dies without reducing all the complaints. I think that’s the right way to live.”

The NIKKEI Apr/21/2009 by Nobuko Takagi (Author)


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