Differing Views of Women’s Body Size


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The ideal for a woman’s size and figure differs among various countries and cultures. Also, ideal sizes depend on personal preferences. The most recent issue of the popular “Seventeen” magazine features opinions of teenage girls’ ideal figure sizes from the point of view of teenage boys. One of the boys insisted that his ideal girl’s size is 152cm/37kg (5ft/81.5lb). This comment offended female readers and circulated quickly through Twitter. Girls sounded off; “Whaaaat!? That’s too skinny! Where should I store my organs in such a thin body!?” Most Japanese women are not very big, but still this size seems to be way beyond reality.

Women’s sizes often become controversial, but it would be difficult to judge something/someone just by size. I would personally say the size mentioned above “152cm/37kg” is not always unhealthily skinny, because, while I maintain a healthy diet, my size is pretty close to this. Sometimes I was told “you better eat more and gain more weight!” But I eat quite a bit everyday, and the thought of eating more that I really want seems unhealthy to me. This happens to be my natural physical constitution.

Speaking of women’s sizes, J.Crew recently added a new super small size “000” to their lineup and has subsequently faced a backlash from those claiming that the normalization of such a petite size would encourage eating disorders. J.Crew ended up explaining that the new size is simply part of their Asian market strategy. I guess the size 000 would be for those who are around 152cm/37kg. Honestly, the availability of these small sizes is a great news for Asian girls!!


Source: Livedoor News /  Boston.com


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