30-Minute Transformation: Japanese Girl’s Makeup Before After

This is a series of makeup videos by a Japanese girl from Niconico live broadcasting. Making comical anime voice, she shows how she puts makeup before she goes to work. Here is a picture of before and after her makeup. What a difference! 😯



In the video, she gives some makeup tips such as how to make eye crease and hot eyelash curler.



Here’re the videos. If you want to know the tricks (for the transformation), watch them all! Just know, it was live broadcasted, so she was reacting to the comments at real-time, but she is not laughing and talking by herself.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Please don’t ask me what kind of magic spell she did at the end… I don’t even know.

According some web information, she is popular among Niconico-douga users as she posts her dance performance videos with another girl.



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