Fun Image Synthetic Processing App, SAMURAI Wig/J



Today I would like to share a fun image synthetic processing app, SAMURAI Wig/J. As you might imagine from its name, this app that lets users quickly experiment with Japanese samurai-drama style hairdos and costumes. It’s just like virtual cosplay 😀 SAMURAI Wig/J has many templates, and you just insert a picture of your face into the template you like. Be sure to choose (or take) a picture of your full face (not a profile shot) without bangs covering your forehead. You don’t have to care so much about the exact size/contrast/angles, because they can be adjusted later.

Also, you can quickly share the picture you have created on your Twitter or Facebook with the [Export] function. What’s more, this app has a fun kanji letter stamp function, so you can enjoy labeling your new samurai style photos with kanji such as 小娘 (young girl), 味噌醤油 (miso, soy sauce) 夢 (dream), 鮪鰻 (tuna/eel) and so on. And best of all, SAMURAI Wig/J is a free app! Why not try it and share the pictures you’ve created with us 😉



Author: Junko

This is JAPAN Style!