Japanese Funny Cats – Part 4


Let me introduce four Japanese funny cat videos from YouTube.


<Stalking Cat>

A female cat, Moire is approaching to the camera but she moves only the camera is hiding.

As soon as she sees camera, she stops. You’d better see it till the end!



<I Never Let You Go!>

The white cat is holding and licking the gray cat.



<Watching a Tennis Match!?>

Three tabby cats are watching a toy moving. But aren’t they like watching a tennis match?

They move their heads perfectly the same.



<Scottish Fold Kitten>

It’s just so cute. She is only one month old.




“Stalking Cat” and “Scottish Fold Kitten” were both picked in “the 15 popular Japanese videos on YouTube in past 3 years” by Google Japan.


This is the JAPAN Style!



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