Japanese Sushi Roll Maker “Futomakimakki” — Easy and Fun!!


Futomakimakki (C) BANDAI

Futomakimakki (C) BANDAI


It seems many Japanese children got cooking toys from Santa for Christmas.

In the recent toy market, there are wide varieties of cooking toys are sold.

From sweets maker to noodle maker, those toys enable children to cook authentic foods easily.

The sushi roll maker from BANDAI, “Futomakimakki”.


It comes with sushi roller, 4 different shapes of molds and recipe cards.

You can make basic California roll or tricky ones like animal face and flower by combining several rolls.

What you do is just put nori (sea weed), rice and ingredients, then wind the side knobs.

It looks practical and even adults can have fun with it! 😉



This is JAPAN Style!


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