Retro but Cute Equipment at a Hotel in Osaka!

This room in a hotel in Osaka is unusual.


osaka hotel

First, see the inside of the room. It looks old but nothing looks strange.


osaka hotel

The problem these control knobs. Let’s check these out.


osaka hotel

The left one seems a knob for the air-conditioner.
The sun and Mt. Fuji don’t make sense LOL.
The right one is a knob for TV but why Popeye?



osaka hotel
Is this radio? But the spell is wrong! It’s not “L”adio LOL.


osaka hotel
This is a button to call a waiter.



These knobs are kind of cute huh?

It was built about 25 years ago, so those equipment must had been the latest thing at that time. Just like iPhone today…


Source:Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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