Surprise! 5 Pictures Taken by a Japanese Digital Microscope Camera!


I have found a photo blog on interesting Japanese digital cameras.

Let me introduce a part of the blog.


digital camera

This blogger has purchased a digital microscope camera called “Anyty”.
He found this camera very interesting,
so he took all kinds of things out of the house and took pictures with the camera.



This is a Japanese 10 yen (about 10 cents) coin.





digital camera

The coin is enlarged 10 times bigger in this picture.
The engraved Byodo-in temple has a lot of scratches.
It looks totally different. It could have more value than just 10 yen!



Let’s take a look at this picture.
It is a picture of the Apple logo engraved on the back of iPod…



The leaf of the apple is like this.
It is finely carved like this. Amazing!



digital camera

But you find more amazing aspect in natural products.
This is a coffee bean. It looks like a cave.



digital camera

And, this looks like a sea anemone, doesn’t it?
Actually, it is a scrubber.


And, this is a scrubber.




The last one is peach skin.





As you know, peach skin has a smooth touch like fuzzy hair.
But it looks like some kind of a weapon when it is enlarged!





Well, it is quite interesting. Especially the apple logo is interesting. I never thought it was like that. 😯

Anyway, I want the digital microscope camera! (I don’t think I can afford it for a time. It costs more than 40,000 yen [400 dollars]. Bummer…)


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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