Yummy!? Japanese iPhone 4 and iPad Cases

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner, and seasonal fun items came out in the market just in time.



It looks nothing but a piece of Christmas cake, but it is not edible! It is an iPhone 4 case made of food sample. It looks so real that you can almost smell it (^_^)



It is sold by a Japanese online store, Strapya, and there are different types of designs available.


For iPad, how about Japanese New Year’s Dish?



With Japanese spiny lobster, black beans, fish cakes, herring roe and so on. It is a dynamic looking case!


Not only the seasonal dishes, but there are also everyday food types.



According to the store, each case was handmade by a food sample craftsman. That is why they are well made.

The store also has international store. (The cases introduced on this page seem to be unavailable.)

Strapya World Website (English)


This is JAPAN Style!



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