What is Popular Gravestone? Interview with End Users of Graveyard

Today, I’m going to introduce a very unique article, which is a little bit different from what I normally choose.  Guess what?  It is about Japanese gravestones ^m^

There is wide variety of gravestones available from the viewpoint of price and types, but we never know which one is the best for the departed.  For this reason, the article determined to study which particular gravestone makes the deceased happier and more satisfied.

But how could you study such a thing??  Yes, this is the big mystery here…  Well, it seemed that this article requested a help of a 82-year-old freelance spiritual medium, who have trained at a holy mountain in Tohoku region for a long time.


Japanese tomb

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Ok, so this lady, called Ume-san, can summon the deceased and let them possess her so that people can directly ask what the deceased think about their gravestones through her.

Hmn, it sounds very uncertain, but if this lady has been trained in a holy mountain, I feel like I have to believe…  (・_・;)))

Fortunately, Ume-san managed to hear from 100 of those departed, and the results appeared as follows;


1. Granite stone 43pt.


Japanese stone

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2. Marble stone 36pt.


Japanese stone

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3. Andesite 16 pt.


Japanese stone

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Ok, so it seems granite is pretty popular gravestone among all~(・。・)

According to Ume-san’s research, texture of granite makes the dead feel at ease, and marble stone attracts women with its beauty.

Wow, there seems to be more and more to learn…

But this may be the reason why I see many granite grave stones such as my ancestors’ and others?  Well, to be honest, I’m not too keen on stories about ghost and spirits, but it may be important to examine type and texture of gravestones very well for peace of the departed.


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know any mysterious story about spiritual mediums or gravestones of your country (not-too-scary story is highly appreciated!).


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