How to Get Rid of Large Item of Refuse Reasonably?? Answer is Swap or Giveaway!

Spring is typically a season for big change in Japan. Students start going to new school or next grade while people with job often receive new assignment in this season. If you didn’t have to move to new place, lucky you! Because moving to new place can be a great fun but as well as a big hassle… If you can take all things you have to new place, that’s fine, but if not, you will have to make a decision to either take or leave behind, and damping large items of refuse may be quite pricey nowadays. In some area, you will have to arrange special agent to collect such refuse on request, too… (><)

Today, I found an article, which tells us how to get rid of items you have to leave behind in more human/ environment friendly way in Japan.


"nortron" some rights reserved. flickr

“nortron” some rights reserved. flickr


So, items which cannot be taken to new place, but still in a good condition can be something other people may be interested in to own. If you have enough time to sort things out, you can probably list such items on ebay and other auction sites to make little money out of it. This was actually also the method I could think of, but according to the article, there are “item swap service” and “free giveaway service” website in Japan.

Starting from “item swap service”, you can list your items and look for items to swap. ‘Wawawa’ is one of the major service provider in Japan, and it seems this service doesn’t cost you anything when you list items as well as when your swap partner is found, and items covered are quite wide in range i.e. books, home electric appliance, furniture etc. If you simply give your belongings away to somebody without swapping, then the latter “free giveaway service” is the one for you; you can list your item so that somebody else can make the most of it. Some sites including “Epre” are purely providing this service from the perspective of eco-friendliness, and I believe it will be probably faster to find somebody who wants items instead of finding person to swap your item.


If you have a good memory in items, it may be difficult to give them away to unknown people, but if the items will be loved and utilised for longer period by other people, we will be more than happy, won’t we?? It is eco-friendly, and it help ourselves by helping others ^_^ It cannot be better, aye?? If you are going to damp large items of refuse, maybe you could consider this method or take all to charity shops!


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