Why Do Japanese People Wear Masks?

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I guess Japanese people are the ones in the world most likely to wear protective masks. Many people in developing countries suffering from an excess of air pollution and exhaust fumes also wear masks when riding motor bikes, the common form of transportation. Most people of course wear masks for health reasons in Japan as well. However, a variety of masks have recently appeared on the market, and Japanese women now wear masks for a wider variety of reasons. So, today I would like to share some of them.


1) For the aroma
Kowa Company Ltd. produces herbal scented masks (5 varieties: rose, jasmine, lavender, camomile, and bergamot). These masks would be perfect for surviving in jam-packed trains full of foul odors!


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2) For quality sleep
Wearing masks helps to keep the throat from dryness while sleeping. Silk masks work especially well in preventing dry skin and wrinkles around the mouth as well. Silk masks are washable and can be used repeatedly, so it’s kind of economical and ecologically sound 😉


3) For covering a face with no make-up.
According to a recent survey targeting 1000 women (from teenagers to those in their 30’s), 87% answered YES  when asked “Do you wear a mask for any other purposes than hygienic reasons?” And the most major purpose was “to hide their my plain, un made-up face”. I totally understand. How handy!

You might not be in the habit of wearing a mask in your daily life, but try it once while sleeping. You won’ be able to sleep without a mask any longer! 😉


Source: Yahoo Japan News / LBR

Author: Junko

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