Gold Fish Event at Aquarium

Autumn has come in Japan but let me write about a Japanese summer thing, goldfish.

The booths for goldfish scooping game, which are, in brief, like fishing (lol) are invariably found at fairs in summer festivals. Click HERE to read about the game.


Anyway, I have read a unique post about goldfish.

It is about an goldfish exhibition “Art Aquarium” held at an aquarium in August in Tokyo.


Japanese gold fish

Many goldfish are swimming in the green goldfish bowl like tank.


Japanese gold fish

Let’s look at it closer! The tank is lit up red, blue, and yellow.


Japanese gold fish

This blue jewel like thing is a goldfish tank too.
The place starts looking like a future lab.


Japanese gold fish

This byobu screen ( is also a tank.


Japanese gold fish

Upturned eyed goldfish.


Japanese gold fish

Mumps like goldfish.


Japanese gold fish

Round bodied gold fish were swimming.



They are cool! 😛

Jewel and screen like tanks are fantastic and beautiful.


The upturned eyed goldfish are so cute LOL.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the exhibition but if they hold it again, I will go.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!