Black Aluminum Foil for Better and Quicker Broiling and Baking

A cooking aid that has been popular among house wives lately is the black aluminum foil developed and manufactured by Toyo Aluminum. One side of the foil is coated with heat-resistant black ink and it makes cooking time shorter. There are three types, for corn cob, sweet potato, and cartoccio.



“Sweet potato baked in hot stones,” ishiyaki-imo in Japanese, is a Japanese people’s favorite winter treat. With the black aluminum foil, you can make sweeter ishiyaki-imo twice as fast as using regular foil.

The video shows how to use the foil.



To make grilled corn cob, wrap corn with the foil tightly with the black side out, and put it in a toaster oven. The corn will get nicely browned in about 30 minutes.



The Black Aluminum Foil is available at Amazon Japan.


This is JAPAN Style!