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Japanese Healthy Spaghetti Sauce Part 3 — “yuzu-kosho”

  Today’s unique Japanese spaghetti is yuzu-kosho flavored peperoncino!!!   Peperoncino is pasta flavored with minced garlic, olive oil, and hot pepper flakes (dried red chili peppers). It’s commonly eaten…

Japanese Healthy Spaghetti Sauce Part 2 — “mentaiko (tarako)”

  Mentaiko Sauce   Today’s unique Japanese spaghetti sauce is mentaiko or tarako!!!   They are seasoned fish (pollock) roe, commonly eaten with rice. Mentaiko or tarako spaghetti are very…

Japanese Healthy Spaghetti Sauce Part 1 — “ume-shiso” flavored

  Just like the Japanese pizza I introduced before, there are unique spaghetti sauce in Japan!!   The one shown in the picture is “ume-shiso” flavored spaghetti (the right one)….

Japanese Ramen (Noodle) Spoon + Fork

    This “spoon + fork” is used at popular Sugakiya ramen restaurants in Japan. It was specially created for Sugakiya’s 60th anniversary project by Masami Takahashi from MASAMI DESIGN….