Fascinated by Giga Pudding


Have you ever heard of “Giga Pudding”? It’s a kit for making bucket-sized sweet snacks (about 20 times the size of a normal serving) from Takara Tommy, a Japanese toy maker. Giga Pudding is quite fun and popular at parties!



And the irresistible jingle from the Giga pudding TV commercial also captures people’s hearts worldwide. The melody just sticks in their heads. I’ll show you a video of the the Giga Pudding TV commercial. But be careful; some consider it addictive 😉



“Puddi pudding…puddi pudding…Hmmm…” Maybe you find yourself humming this part repeatedly LOL.


Here are some more videos of foreign people who got addicted to the Giga Pudding jingle. They interpret the melody in their own unique ways.


– Rock version?


– Even belly fat looks happy with the Giga Pudding song!


– I wonder if he is OK… (^^;


– Covered by pro a drummer. Cool!


[Something More] 10 hours version!? Try it if you are patient enough 😉


Source: Pouch


This is JAPAN Style!