Japanese Healthy Spaghetti Sauce Part 1 — “ume-shiso” flavored


Japanese Unigue Pasta Sauce

Japanese Unigue Pasta Sauce

Just like the Japanese pizza I introduced before, there are unique spaghetti sauce in Japan!!


The one shown in the picture is “ume-shiso” flavored spaghetti (the right one).

Ume is Japanese apricot.

For this sauce, dried ume, called umeboshi is used.

It’s juicy, soft, and extremely sour.

Shiso is ornamental plant, the leaf has jagged edge.

This store bought sauce is basically umeboshi paste and shiso leaf mixture.

It comes with nori seaweed for topping.


Ume-shiso Pasta. "nakaya rie" some rights reserved. flickr

Ume-shiso Pasta. "nakaya rie" some rights reserved. flickr



Surprisingly, this sauce is only 44 calories!!


It’s healthy and refreshing!! 😉




This is JAPAN Style!



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