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Osaka’s New Rock Star Hotel

We posted an article about a cool hotel in Tokyo a few days back, and today we would like to share some information about another outstanding hotel. Rock Star Hotel, located…

Are Poles and Wires Too Much of an Eyesore?

  Too many utility poles and electrical wires can ruin otherwise attractive scenery. There are 35,000,000 utility poles in Japan and the number is increasing at the rate of 70,000…

The Art of Dining at Ginza Rakugaki Cafe and Bar by Pentel

  On June 2nd, one of Japan’s best known stationary companies, Pentel, opened a unique cafe in Tokyo called “GINZA RAKUGAKI Cafe & Bar by Pentel“. “Rakugaki” means scribbling or doodling…

[Photoblog] Do You Know the Word of “Moe-sha”?

Do you know what “Moe-sha” means? MOE is a Japanese slang which is used to refer to strong interest in idealized characters or people especially girls, and “sha” means “car”….

[Photoblog] “Moe-bike” at an Exhibition

The stickers of girls’ illustrations are put on the bike. Do you think it’s cool?  😉   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Cute Girls on “Moe-sha”

At an exhibition of many of “Moe-sha”(painted cars), there were also many girls with school uniforms like this. This is JAPAN Style!    

[Photoblog] Kagamine Rin and Len

“Kagamine Rin / Len” is a character of singing synthesizer application with a vocaloid synthesizing technology. These girls are one of the most popular characters of DTM software following “Hatsune Miku”….

[Photoblog] “Moe-sha” at an Exhibition

Japanese “Itasha” is literally “pain-mobile” which refers a car decorated with characters (mostly female) from anime, manga, or video games. Usually painted, remodeled or put stickers on it. It’s also…

[Photoblog] Cute Picture at Oyamato Shrine

In front of the main hall of Oyamato Shrine, there is always a huge picture like this.  Miki, the photographer found the picture nice and heartwarming. She like the fact that…

Wasabi Stories vol.257: “One Picture Could Change Someone’s Life”

I would like to introduce a column written by a Tokyo University professor, Kang Sang-jung. In this column, he writes mostly about his two-year experience being an anchorman on a…

The Magnificent Spectacle of Mt. Fuji in Your Bathroom

  Japanese people love taking hot baths, either at home, at a natural onsen, or at a public bath house. Decades ago, when bathing at home was yet to become,…