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Looking back on 2010 and foreseeing 2011 of Japan Style

Today is the last day of the year 2010. How did 2010 treat you? For me, it was just like the saying: “Time and tide stay for no man.” 2010…

New Year’s Bell

Have you ever seen huge bells like this?   A typical bell seen at Japanese Buddhist temples.   In Japan, each temple has a large bell, and we customarily ring…

Asakusa Hagoita Market: Dec.17-19

  This is one of the famous seasonal views of December in Asakusa, Tokyo. Something with lovely painted design is floating in the blue sky! That is called hagoita. Since the…

Varieties of Unique Kadomatsu

  [W:Kadomatsu] are New Year’s decorations we place in the entrance of a house in Japan. August is not really a season for talking about New Year’s decorations, but I…

Beautiful Funny Japanese Kites

  Wide varieties of kites are made and enjoyed in the world, for example, there are Chinese dragon kites, Indian colorful kites, and some people enjoy kitesurfing. In Japan, flying…

$0.99 Start !!! Japanese Style Decoration, Kagami Mochi

    This is a Japanese traditional ornament. It’s for New Year decoration, but suitable for interior ornament too.  

$0.99 Start !!! Japanese Interior Decoration (charm against evil)

    This is a Japanese traditional ornament. It’s for mainly new year decoration such as a talisman against evil. Wall hangings is OK.  

$0.99 Start !!! Japanese Kawaii Lion Dance Ornament

    This is a Japanese traditional lion dance ornament.  

Japanese Lucky Bag, Fukubukuro for Marriage Hunting!?

    New Year’s sales started yesterday at Japanese department stores. The main feature of Japanese New Year’s sale is fukubukuro, which means “lucky bag”, and it’s filled with unknown…

New Year’s Entertainments in Japan

    Many Japanese people are off work during the first three days of a year, when family and friends get together for New Year’s greeting. One of the traditional…

Japanese Fortune Telling for the First Half of 2010

  One of the most famous Japanese fortune teller, Suzuko Sugano, also known as “Mother of Harajuku (Harajuku no Haha)”, tells your fortune for 2010.