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Japanese Fortune Telling for the First Half of 2010

  One of the most famous Japanese fortune teller, Suzuko Sugano, also known as “Mother of Harajuku (Harajuku no Haha)”, tells your fortune for 2010.

Traditional Japanese EMA for Good Luck, tiger, new year

  This is a Japanese traditional votive tablet, [W:EMA]. It’s for Good luck.   Made in JAPAN!   This is JAPAN Style! You should follow me on Twitter HERE.  …

Free Tarot for Blood Donor in Tokyo

Usually Blood Donation Rooms offer refreshments such as juice and snacks for the donors but there is a unique service in Tokyo. At Blood Donation Room in Shinjuku Higashi-guchi, they…

Japanese Blood Type

  Many Japanese people believe that one’s blood type relates to the personality. It works just like “Personality of Astrology Signs.” Almost everyone knows his/her blood type and also has…