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Japanese Classic Marriage Proposals

  Some of you might have experienced giving or receiving marriage proposal, and others may be planning it. I think the marriage proposal in western culture is probably like a…

Unique Marriage Hunting in Japan — Ramen? Baseball Game?

  Japan is now in “Konkatsu (marriage hunting)” movement. Single men and women go konkatsu parties to find their partners. A few years ago, the parties were simply set at…

Japanese Marriage Register Pressing Set — for Woman Who Has Indecisive Boyfriend

  Previously, JAPAN Style introduced the “Marriage Proposal Pressing Set”, which a woman gives her lover who wouldn’t propose her. The same company produced “Marriage Register Pressing Set” as a…

What’s this!? Japanese Marriage Proposal Pressing Set

  It might sound weird to you but the new coinage “soshoku-kei danshi (herbivorous boy)” is a vogue-word now in Japan. It refers a man who is passive towards women.