Japanese Classic Marriage Proposals


Some of you might have experienced giving or receiving marriage proposal, and others may be planning it.

I think the marriage proposal in western culture is probably like a man shows an engagement ring to his woman and say “will you marry me?” on his knee.

Compare to that, Japanese classic marriage proposal phrases have strong culture characteristics and they are often figurative.


Example 1: “Make my miso soup everyday.”

It implies “will you be my wife and cook for me?”


Miso Soup


Example 2: “Let’s lie in the same grave.”

It implies “let’s be together forever and when we die, we’ll be in the same grave as a family.”


Japanese graveyard

"Jean-Francois Chenier" some rights reserved. flickr



They are the classic phrases and often joked about but men don’t use them today; they say more straightly than those.

And another today’s tendency is that more women decide to propose instead of waiting for one.

As you can see from the “marriage proposal pressing set” and “Marriage Register Pressing Set”, some women are really aggressive toward marriage!


What about in your culture?


This is the JAPAN Style!



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