What’s this!? Japanese Marriage Proposal Pressing Set



(C) Tokyo Nylon Girls

It might sound weird to you but the new coinage soshoku-kei danshi (herbivorous boy)” is a vogue-word now in Japan.

It refers a man who is passive towards women.

Being in the recent recession, incomes are decreasing, which discourages men from asking women out.

Because it men are becoming like women, women have become more active on “konkatsu” (marriage hunting) like blind date party.

For those “nikushoku-kei joshi (carnivorous girls)”, this unique “propose aid” was released.

It’s “Marriage Proposal Pressing Set” which includes a temporary engage ring, a piggy bank to save for a real engage ring and a pledge sheet.

It is released by a proposal support site, THE BEST SURPRISE, for women to encourage her indecisive partner to marriage.

The set is delivered to the partner with a card saying “Congratulation! You won the prize!”

After receiving this surprise gift, the partner will consider marriage!

The price of the set is 8,892 yen (about 99 US dollars).



This is JAPAN Style!


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