Japanese Marriage Register Pressing Set — for Woman Who Has Indecisive Boyfriend



Previously, JAPAN Style introduced the “Marriage Proposal Pressing Set”, which a woman gives her lover who wouldn’t propose her.

The same company produced “Marriage Register Pressing Set” as a sequel!

While the previous set was focusing on “marriage proposal”, this one leads to “marriage registration” right away, which would be the final weapon for konkatsu (marriage hunting).

The set includes these items below.




A marriage registration sheet, a seal, an inkpad and a countdown clock are added to the proposal set; a temporary engage ring, a piggy bank to save for a real engage ring and a pledge sheet.

Those are all a couple need to register their marriage.

With this set, there’s no trouble to go to a government office to get a marriage sheet or to bring a seal (in Japan, we seal on any formal document), so they can get married right away, which is scary for men (^_^)




The countdown clock is to set a time limit for the couple’s marriage registration.

The manufacture sets it for them before they send it out. When the day comes, the alarm goes off.



Besides the time limit, the manufacture makes a seal with the soon-to-be husband’s last name (Generally, a wife takes her husband’s last name in Japan).

This is how the “Marriage Register Pressing Set” works.

1.A woman orders it from the website (receiver would be her boyfriend)

2.The “set” is delivered to her boyfriend.

3.After realizing her mind, he decides to get married and propose her.

4.Save money in the piggy bank.

5.Buy an engage ring with the money.

It’s sold by THE BEST SURPRISE at 9,248 yen (about 100 US dollars) (includes tax and shipping).

What if my lover sent me such thing…I don’t want to even imagine it ….



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