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Japanese Tatami flip flops thongs sandal mens shoes

    This is the Japanese tatami mat traditional healthy sandal (slipper) 1P. The straw matting has reflexology effect. It is said to be good for hallux valgus correction. These thongs…

Suffering From Foot Odor? Catechin Helps!

  A Japanese hosiery maker, M & M Socks Co., Ltd., sells women’s tights, called Catechin Style, dyed with catechin.  

Japanese Energy Drinks Top 5

Wide varieties of energy drinks are sold in Japan, and they are usually in hand sized bottles. Since some of them are available in other countries, you may familiar with…

Anti Aging Exercise Method in Japan – Kaatsu Training

  The exercise method that attracts considerable attention in Japan today is Kaatsu training, which means “blood flow restricted exercise.” It involves wrapping groins and shoulder joints tightly to get…

Japanese Tatami Mat Healthy Sandal (slipper) for women

This is a Japanese traditional style healthy sandal (size: 24cm).  

Japanese Healthy Sandal tatami mat

  This is a Japanese traditional style healthy slipper (size: 28cm).  

Goya -Bitter Melon- Okinawa’s Local Specialty

  [W:Okinawa] is one of the best summer resort destinations in Japan. Beautiful blue ocean and white sand beach… the sound of sanshin (three string musical instrument). In the islands,…

Super High Calorie Bread in Japan

  Since I don’t get enough exercise lately, I feel thick around my waist (LOL). And I try to be extra careful about calorie when I eat something. Finding this…

Japanese Style Healthy Sandal (slipper) for kids

This is a Japanese traditional style healthy slipper (Japanese says “SETTA”) for kids. The material is rush (like “TATAMI”).  

Easy Healthy Delicious “Shabu-shabu”

Have you ever had shabu-shabu? Shabu-shabu is a Japanese table cook dish, which uses thinly sliced meat and vegetables.    

Horse Riding Fitness Machines in Japan

    When you go to a Japanese home electronics store, you will certainly see some horse riding machines like these!