How Much Famous Manga Artists Make?

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In Japan, manga are read by many people in all ages. Popular manga’s circulations are ridiculously large, and they are even translated and shipped to all over the world.

Here is a question. How much those manga artists who succeeded here and overseas make annually?

To solve the question, I found a data on websites. The following chart is famous manga artists and their annual income or 2004 (in US dollar).


{“The Artist’s Best Known Work”  Artist’s Name  Annual Income}

“Dragon Ball” Akira Toriyama  17.9 million dollars

“Yu-Gi-Oh!” Kazuki Takahashi  6.2 million dollars

“Doraemon” Fujiko F. Fujio  5.5 million dollars

“Fullmetal Alchemist” Hiromu Arakawa  5.4 million dollars

“Naruto” Masashi Kishimoto  4.5 million dollars

“The Prince of Tennis” Takeshi Konomi  4.2 million dollars

“One Piece” Eiichiro Oda  4 million dollars


Does it make you want to start writing manga? Or do you think they don’t make so much as you imagined?

Just know that to be a first-class manga artist is really difficult here because there are so many people who aim to be manga artists. And even after wining a manga contest, they have to fight with weekly deadlines without getting enough sleep, and of course they have to keep answering the expectation of the readers in mixed ages, or unsuccessful works are easily come to ends within several months. So these manga artists in the chart are the winners of the winners in manga world.


Source: NAVER matome March 7, 2011


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