Super High Calorie Bread in Japan


Since I don’t get enough exercise lately, I feel thick around my waist (LOL).

And I try to be extra careful about calorie when I eat something.

Finding this article in another blog made me realize how important to read calorie information on food package.


Look at the picture.



Japanese melon bread


This is “melon bread” filled with chocolate cream.

Melon dread is called “melon pan” in Japan and has been popular bread since old times.

Although it’s called melon, it doesn’t contain melon but the color and the shape are similar to melon.

Compare to the 30 cm ruler by the bread, you can tell it is a huge bread (at least in Japan it is.)


Japanese melon bread


Now, look at the nutrition fact. Surprisingly, it has 1403 kcal 😯


Since the intake calorie of a woman who is her thirties and don’t do much exercise is 1500 kcal per day, the combination of this bread and milk will be over calorie!

It is scary bread, isn’t it?

Nowadays, almost everything including deli, meat, sashimi and drink at supermarket has calorie information.

How about in your country?

But high calorie food tastes good! I am sure this melon bread is good but I have no courage to eat (^_^)


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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