Jintsu Taxi (Labor Pain Taxi)

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Starting May 13, one of the biggest taxi companies in Japan, Nihon Kotsu, began providing a unique service called “Jintsu Taxi” (literally, “labor pain taxi”). Jintsu Taxi caters to expectant mothers living in the Tokyo Metro area, Mitaka city, and Musashino city.

On the official Nihon Kotsu website, users register their pick-up address, their family doctors’ street address, and the expected delivery date of their baby. Nihon Katsu keeps the information on hand, so that when the big day comes, these details are already taken care of and transportation can be hassle-free. Of course, mothers-to-be can call a taxi for their periodic ambulatory needs and other errands as well.

What’s more, all drivers working on the Jintsu Taxi crew have basic knowledge about important points and emergency responses for labor pains and childbirth. The taxi fare is the same as with regular taxis, but the pick-up charge of ¥400 (US$5) is extra. Registration for the service is free.


Source: Mynavi, Nhihon Kotsu


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