Anti Aging Exercise Method in Japan – Kaatsu Training


The exercise method that attracts considerable attention in Japan today is Kaatsu training, which means “blood flow restricted exercise.”
It involves wrapping groins and shoulder joints tightly to get better effect of training. It is said that by restricting blood flow during exercise, even when you exercise at low intensities, you can get as much result as when you performed at high intensities, and also it increases growth hormone.


This video shows the basic of Kaatsu training.




Expectable effects of Kaatsu training are;

– Burning fat (growth hormone helps to burn fat)
– Anti aging
– Better blood circulation
– Building muscle
– Recuperative power increases


From these benefits, Kaatsu training is widely performed including athletes, celebrities, dieters, middle aged people, and women who want to keep their beauty.

Project explains what Kaatsu training in English. And the official Kaatsu training website, has English version but it seems still under construction.

Kaatsu trainees go to gyms and practice it with specialists. It is dangerous to do Kaatsu training by yourself without the knowledge.



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