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Kyo-yaki Japanese Green Tea Cups

    This is a pair of Kyo-yaki (Japanese ceramics) pottery tea cups. Large cup (black) is for men and small cup (red) is for women. The elegant cherry blossom…

Alain Divert Pair China Sweets Cups and Dessert Tray Set

    This is Alain Divert’s pair of sweets cups and tea spoons with a tray set. The cup has handles in which the spoon fits. Different colors. You can…

Pair of Japanese Pottery Tea (coffee) Cups and Furoshiki

    This is a pair of Japanese pottery tea/coffee cups and saucers with a Furoshiki wrapping cloth. Furoshiki wrapping cloth is used for gift wrapping, etc. in Japan. Ideal item…

Japanese Heart Tea Cups and Saucer, chinaware

    This is a pair of heart coffee cups, saucers and stainless-steel spoons set.  Drinking coffee out of the cup makes your heart warm! Ideal item for a wedding…

Pair of Japanese Pottery Sake Cups and Basket

    This is pair of Japanese pottery sake cups, wooden coasters with an ice bucket, ice tongs and a bamboo box. Ideal item for a wedding gift, birthday gift,…

Japanese Shinzi Katoh China Tea Pot and Cups Set

    This is Japanese brand Shinzi Katoh’s a tea pot, 2 tea cups and 2 stainless-steel spoons set. The set comes in a cute box (see picture). You can…

Japanese China Coffee (tea) Cup & Saucer set

    This is Japanese brand TOIN’s coffee cups and saucer, set of 2. The saucer is designed like a yummy donuts. The set comes with a wooden stand and a cute…

Pair of China Mug Cup, made in Japan

    This is pair of china mug cups (purple and white) with a small cute white base. Modern Japanese design. Ideal item for a wedding gift, birthday gift, etc….

Pair of china round cup made in Japan

    This is Japanese pair of china cups (purple and white each).

Japanese RIMPA brand pair cup & saucer set

    This is Japanese RIMPA brand beautiful pair cup & saucer set.  

Japanese ARITA ware Coffee Cup Set, imari

This is a Japanese ARITA-yaki (Arita ware) coffee cups set.