Kintaro-ame Candy Making Video

Kintaro-ame (Kintaro candy) is a Japanese traditional hard candy invented in the Edo period (18th century). Just like a sushi role, the candy is shaped into a multi-layered stick, and when it is cut face appears on the cross section. It is kind of like red and white mint candy.


“Traditional Kintaro-ame”

japanese candy

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The face on the candies (above) is Kintaro, a folk hero. Kintaro-ame is actually a product name but any candy made in the Kintaro-ame technique is called so.


“The Seven Deities of Good Fortune”

japanese candy

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japanese candy

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“Kanji Characters”

japanese candy

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It is very interesting to see the process of making Kintaro-ame. They layer colored candies while they are hot to make a face, and then they elongate the candy stick and cut the candy with a steel tube. Here are the videos!



Wherever on the candy you cut, you get exactly the same face; therefore, the word “Kintaro-ame” refers “something that is almost same as others and characterless” like the English expression “cookie cutter.”

By the way, the candy factory in the video accepts custom orders.

Check the gallery in the My Ame Kobo (Japanese). Their candies are so beautiful!


This is JAPAN Style!