Japan’s Finer Points

Mt. Fuji

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Travel website AB-ROAD reports a 10% increase in the number of inquiries about overseas travel for this coming year-end and new year. People, after traveling abroad, sometimes rediscover their own county’s positive aspects. The Japanese are no exception (^^).


Here are the top 10 ranking list of Japan’s highlights that Japanese people come to appreciate when roaming outside of Japan.

1) Japan is safe  >> 1982pt.

2) Japan has many kinds of delicious food  >>1966pt.

3) Japan is clean >>944pt.

4) People working at stores/restaurants are polite and attentive  >>645pt.

5) Japanese people are punctual  >>610pt.

6) Japan has four distinct seasons  >>280pt.

7) Japanese people are kind and thoughtful  >>179pt.

8 ) Japanese food is healthy as well as delicious >>176pt.

9) There are many convenience stores  >>160pt.

10) Japan has a highly developed infrastructure and public transportation system >>110pt.


I strongly agree with the answer, “Japanese people are punctual”. Public transportation systems are vast and efficient, and people tend to honor appointments and meeting times;) I personally would like to add the point that Japanese people are good at forming lines and waiting patiently in perfect order. That situation often can be terribly chaotic in other countries…


Source: goo ranking


This is JAPAN Style!