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Japanese Cherry Blossom China Frame

    Japanese cherry blossom design china frame for decoration.  You can put it at the entrance of your house, in the living room, the bed room, or anywhere you…

Japanese China Clover Bowls Set

    This is set of cloverleaf bowls and plates with clover pattern on them. The bowl is white and the plate is light green. Great for party use. You…

Japanese Pair of Leaf Shape Oval China Bowls

    This is Japanese brand Refine’s pair of leaf shaped oval china bowls. Print of leaves on the bowls. You can serve salad, pasta, risotto, fruits, or any kind…

Japanese Arita Ware Apple Vase, Japan pot

  This is a Japanese ARITA-yaki’s apple design vase. Aritayaki, also known as Imari porcelain, is Japanese porcelain wares made in Ariga, Saga. The history starts in early 17th century….

Japanese Mickey China Microwave Food Container, disney

    Microwavable bowls with handles, set of 5. Kawaii Mickey design on the lids (see picture). 5 diffrent colors: blue, white, yellow, orange and green. Good for gift!  

Kawaii! Pair China Mickey Kids Plate Set, disney

    Pair of plates, bowls, small bowls and luncheon mats of Disney character Mickey’s drawing design. Simple design. Ideal item for adults and kids.  

Pair of China Mug Cup, made in Japan

    This is pair of china mug cups (purple and white) with a small cute white base. Modern Japanese design. Ideal item for a wedding gift, birthday gift, etc….

Pair of China Cereal Bowl, made in Japan

    This is pair of china cereal bowls (purple and white each). Easy to pick up with the handle. Ideal item for a wedding gift, birthday gift, etc. Japanese modern…

Pair of china round cup made in Japan

    This is Japanese pair of china cups (purple and white each).

Japanese Pair Cafe, Soup Bowls china tableware

    This is Japanese brand Luce’s pair bowl. Black x1, white x 1. They can be used for cafe au lait and also for soup bowl, or anything else you wish! Simple Japanese modern…

Japanese RIMPA brand pair cup & saucer set

    This is Japanese RIMPA brand beautiful pair cup & saucer set.