Japanese Arita Ware Apple Vase, Japan pot



This is a Japanese ARITA-yaki’s apple design vase.

Aritayaki, also known as Imari porcelain, is Japanese porcelain wares made in Ariga, Saga. The history starts in early 17th century. Through the century, the fine porcelain ware became populare in European and Middle Eastern nobles.


It is said that the value of Aritayaki was taken as same as gold at that time. Aritayaki is thin and light but it is harder than pottery and very strong. Although many people see it as decorative art, it is perfect to be used as well. The characteristics of Aritayaki are the smooth texture and the white base color which is creamy and clear at the same time.

Because a lot of works and time were put in each Aritayaki, they are so beautiful and valuable.


Made in JAPAN!


This is JAPAN Style!


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