Night Person Climbs to the Top Level Faster than Day Person?

The 30s is the time you’ll start to see a clear division between those who can go on the career ladder and those who struggle to have a promotion.  But what could be the difference between those two types of people??  Targeting 100 businessmen aged between 25 and 34 year-old, an article I found today tries to find the answer for this.


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As a result of the survey, firstly, it is revealed that 81% of those who tend to be promoted faster than the other group believe that they are physically strong while under 50% of non-successful group think so…  So, physical strength seems to be a key for success.

Well, in order to meet expectations and requests, you certainly have to be healthy, so physical strength will surely bring advantage.

Another interesting difference between 2 groups was life cycle; 81.3% of people on a fast track consider themselves as night person!  This may be a result of overtime work everyday??  (And, of course, to work overtime everyday, you have to be healthy!)

Also, more people on fast track have greater number of friends, and enjoy outdoor activities.  This is also true; of course, a larger network and connection can be a great tool for business, and more active and friendly people will certainly have an advantage to interact with other people in working environment, too!

On the other hand, common things for these 2 groups were, interestingly, fashion and appearance as well as alcohol intake.  It seems being fashionable, good looking or strong drinker aren’t necessarily keys for career path in Japan.  (Although there are pretty a lot of alcohol involved business occasion in Japan!)


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