Rapidly Increasing? Boys Stick with Skin Lightening Products

Everybody loves to welcome spring and enjoys warmer days, but it is a season when ladies start worrying about sunscreen.  Today’s article is about boys who started to show their interest in sunscreen and whitening products.


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For those ladies who wish to keep beautiful and fair skin, protecting their skin from sun damage is a very basic but important thing to do.  According to the article, young men in Japan started to have very similar preference with such ladies to keep their skin nice and lighter.

When it comes to men, there used to be a tendency to consider brown, tanned skin as a symbol of masculinity, but nowadays, more and more young men focus on quality of skin than colour.  Some are even heavy users of ladies cosmetics to prevent wrinkles and blemishes.  But why whitening supporting men increased all of the sudden?

Apparently, one of the reasons seems to be change in women’s preference; it seems girls nowadays love boys with beautiful skin than tanned masculinity.  But more importantly, according to a specialist in the article,  the amount of water in men’s skin is a half of women’s while men’s skin produces3 times as much oil as women!  So, basically, men’s skin has higher possibility to suffer from skin troubles such as sensitive skin, dry skin and pimples.


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That sounds like enough reason to change their preference~(・。・)  I understand that blemish and wrinkle is not just a problem for women, and sun damage is, of course, equally harmful to men.  Some may say that sunscreen is so girly thing to care for men, but in order to avoid skin troubles, it may be a good idea to change such a stereotype.

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