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Japanese KYOTO chinaware Censer

This is the Japanese KYO-yaki (chinaware) [W:Censer]. Made in JAPAN! This is JAPAN Style!      

Japanese Door Curtain NOREN, doorcurtain

[W:Noren] are traditional Japanese fabric door curtain. Traditionally, Noren are used by shops or restaurants. This is JAPAN Style!

Fūrin — Japanese wind bell, chime, furin

  Fūrin is Japanese wind bell, which is put under eaves during summer to get cool feeling. It is usually made of metal, glass or porcelain and shaped as a…

Japanese Gold Rose Design OKURA CHINA Beautiful Vase

This is the Japanese OKURA CHINA vase. Founded in 1919, Okura Art China has since created various products, which have been appreciated by Japanese people as the country’s finest tableware….

“HOKUSAI” Japanese Traditional Digital Print Tablecloth!

  Katsushika [W:Hokusai] (1760-1849) is a print master,  an artist in Japan that represents Edo period. A natural picture, the beautiful woman picture, and the kabuki picture were his skillful…

Japanese Door Curtain “NOREN” (1)

Japanese Door Curtain “NOREN” (1) Originally uploaded by japan_style   This is a Japanese door curtain (called “NOREN“). Persimmon Juice Dye -Hand Made by a Japanese Professional Craftsman. The persimmon…