Limited Time Offer! Cheburashka Town

Do you know Cheburashka? It is not a Japanese character, but a character of Russian picture book. I guess I can say that this is still relatively new character, and it has been catching Japanese girls’ hearts since it appeared on TV in 2009.




As a character lovers’ island ranging from Hello Kitty to Little Twin Stars, we always have countless variety of character items available in market, and of course, this applies to Cheburashka, too. As a matter of fact, I actually own a key ring myself, too  😛


…which is


cheburashka doll

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Samurai version Cheburashka!!

I believe this samurai series probably have quite a big collection in local souvenir shops.


Cute and unique Cheburashka can also be found in a character section of major department stores or big stationary shops, but it seems big Cheburashka themed shop called “Cheburashka Town” is traveling across Japan where you can find cuddly toys, tea cups and stationaries etc. etc. It seems it was in Kanto area this month, and all customers who purchased items from the shop received special plastic bag, and people who spent more than 1000 yen received metal budges! I think simple but winsome tone and nature are key elements that catching Japanese ladies eyes. Which character of which country will be the next?? I will update you again!


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Source: Cheburashka Project


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