Japanese Door Curtain “NOREN” (1)


This is a Japanese door curtain (called “NOREN“).

Persimmon Juice Dye -Hand Made by a Japanese Professional Craftsman.

The persimmon juice dye has been widely used for Japanese goods for a long time since about the Heian era (794 -1185).

The juice of persimmon has the characteristic that it can only dye the cloth made from natural materials.

Since the bitter juice of the persimmon is taken from the nature, it can be said that the persimmon juice dye is very ecological.

The craftsman dyed this piece brought us carefully by hand, just like the other NOREN he brought to us.

NOREN are hanged from ceilings of entrances or doorways to divide a space.

In Japan, NOREN are used in stores as well as house kitchens.

You can also use them as tapestries and enjoy the beautiful art pieces in your room.

How would you like these wonderful Japanese crafts for your house or gifts?


Made in JAPAN!


This is JAPAN Style!


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