“HOKUSAI” Japanese Traditional Digital Print Tablecloth!


Katsushika [W:Hokusai] (1760-1849) is a print master,  an artist in Japan that represents Edo period.

A natural picture, the beautiful woman picture, and the kabuki picture were his skillful areas, and “Fuji 36 scenes” is especially famous.

His work has a large influence on an overseas artist.

There is no person who knows the Japanese art and doesn’t know Hokusai.

His such art revives in the Furoshiki now.

Furoshiki is a square cloth, one of Japanese traditional craft goods, it is used for wrappping a present or carrying a luggage, and for many other purpose.

It can be used for a scarf or a tapestry as you like.

Please see the photograph, and discover the beauty of this commodity.


Made in JAPAN!!!

hokusai01 hokusai02 Japanese hokusai04 hokusai05


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