Anjin: English Samurai, Tatsuya Fujiwara

A Statue of Anjin. "mahiro1322" some rights reserved. flickr

A Statue of Anjin. "mahiro1322" some rights reserved. flickr


The story of William Adams who was Japan’s first English visitor is now played at Japanese theaters by Japanese and English theatergoers…


William Adams, also known as his Japanese name Anjin, was a sailor who drifted to Japan in 1600.

He worked for the shogun [W:Tokugawa Ieyasu] and lived as a bushi.

The play “Anjin: English Samurai” is directed by an English theater director, Gregory Doran.

The main casts are an English actor, Owen Teale (Anjin), [W:Masachika Ichimura] (Ieyasu) and [W:Tatsuya Fujiwara] (a young Japanese Jesuit priest named Domenico).

The play shows both Japanese and English subtitles, so wide audiences can enjoy it.

The production team considers playing it in England in the future.

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Official Site for “Anjin: English Samurai” (Japanese Only)


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