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[Photoblog] Canned Coffee with Mini Car

Canned or PET bottled drinks are the popular merchandise that come with a bonus gift in Japan  😛   This is JAPAN Style! 

[Photoblog] EXILE Samurai Figures

“EXILE”, one of the most popular music artist group, wearing samurai costumes at Wonder Festival 2010. Isn’t that cool? ^_^   This is JAPAN Style! 

[Photoblog] Sexy figures

There were beautiful sexy figures in Wonder Festival 2010 Japan.   This is JAPAN Style! 

[Photoblog] KOKUYO Wammy – Ball and Penguin

This new generation creative toy called Wammy is making a great hit in Japan.Since its June 2008 release, 200,000 sets of Wammy were sold.Wammy is a pliable plastic piece that…

[Photoblog] Fist of the North Star

Do you know “Raoh”, a fictional character in the Japanese anime “Fist of the North Star”?   😉    This is JAPAN Style! 

[Photoblog] Figures of Professor Layton

These are figures of “Professor Layton”, a popular Japanese game series for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. You like it? 🙂    This is JAPAN Style!

Canned Beer Becomes More Enjoyable? Magical Beer Mug

Today, I would like to introduce an article about interesting beer-related goods, which will be available soon in Japan. In Japan, we tend to have more drinking opportunities in the…

Origami Balloon: A Unique Way to Relax

  Do you feel stress in your daily life? If so, do you have any special way to reduce that stress? Today, I would like to introduce a unique, quick…

Gorgeous Princess Carriage Sold at

  Look at this! At (Japanese Amazon website), I found a perfect gift for those longing for the life of a princess. This is not a miniature model but an actual full-sized…

[Photoblog] Low Flying Kite

  According to Miki, the photographer, this boy’s kite was spinning around at a low attitude lol; however, it flew better after adjustments. The first kite flying competition at the…

Japanese ORIGAMI: high quality washi paper

  Nowadays, Japanese origami may be well-known worldwide. This particular origami is made of luxury Japanese ‘washi paper’, which can only be purchased from specific washi paper shops. It includes…