Depa-Chika: Underground Specialties!

“Depa-chika”, the underground floor of department stores, is like a wonderland full of interesting food. It’s fun even just to look around! Today, a family visits the depa-chika wonderland to find something they’ve never had before. Wonder what they will find there…


Grandma and the signboard of depa-chika.
She liles depa-chika very much ^^


It looks like a normal supermarket,
but they have a larger variety of fancy and unique products.


Grandma, grandpa and their son examine something very carefully.


OK! Let’s see what they got.


The first product is this. Can you see ginger on the package?


Looks yummy ^^!
This is seasoned ginger which is perfect for hot steamed rice.
I’ve never seen a product like this at the regular supermarket.


The second product is this. Something round and black (?_?)


This is a sweet bun made with Bamboo charcoal and black sesame.
Even inside is very black! I wonder it makes my teeth black!?


The next one is this. It’s obviously a sandwich, but guess what’s inside?


Something vivid orange is quite densely packed. Some kind of fruit?
Actually these are shredded carrot sandwiches.
I guess a special kind of carrot is used, but still just carrots….sounds not very great (T_T).


The last product is lily bulb soup.


Have you ever had lily bulbs?
I can’t explain very well but they’re very tasty. I love it!


Grandma loves it, too!
I like lily bulbs very much but never had the soup.
I wanna try it someday ^^


Products sold at depa-chika are a little more expensive than at regular stores, but they are better-quality or sometimes very unique. Depa-chika makes us somewhat excited, because it takes us to a slightly unusual culinary world. I recommend you visit the underground floors of a department store when you come to Japan. There are lots of different foods for tasting too ;D


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!