Origami Balloon: A Unique Way to Relax

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Do you feel stress in your daily life? If so, do you have any special way to reduce that stress?

Today, I would like to introduce a unique, quick and somewhat mysterious relaxation technique for stress relief. All you need is a piece of paper! Folding paper has a special meaning and power in Japanese Shinto and Onmyoudou (The Way of Yin and Yang’). Senbazruru, one thousand origami cranes to make a wish come true, is an example. But what you can fold today is a balloon.

1) Make an origami balloon with the paper you’ve prepared. Here are the instructions for creating the origami balloon >> http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Origami-Balloon.

2) Hold the origami balloon you’ve made in your hands, and think strongly about your pent-up or gloomy feelings.

3) Inhale deeply, tilt your head downward toward your chest and exhale into the balloon as completely as you can.

4) Smash the breathed balloon with a big sound like “POP!”.


Newspaper, notepads, candy wrappers… any kind and any size of paper is OK. And when you exhale into the ballon, make sure that you really empty your lungs (to release all of those negative thoughts and feelings). Why not try this easy and somewhat mysterious way to relax? 😉


Source: Cyzo Woman


This is JAPAN Style!