BANDAI Unique Mini Toys Series — Infinitely Able XXX ? Part 2


These key chain toys called “mugen ni dekiru series” meaning “Infinitely Able XXX” from BANDAI, look silly but many people got hooked on them.

Following to the 3 toys posted in the part 1, there are 2 more “infinity” toys.

The forth one is “Infinitely Open-able Beer Can (Pull-tab)”



It does sound like there’s beer inside. Soda and Coke ones are also available.

The fifth one will be released on December 3rd.


Infinite Tokoroten. (C)2008 BANDAI・WiZ

Infinite Tokoroten. (C)2008 BANDAI・WiZ

Faces on Tokoroten. (C)2008 BANDAI・WiZ

Faces on Tokoroten. (C)2008 BANDAI・WiZ

Tokoroten is a jelly like agar noodle usually eaten in summer.

Tokoroten blocks are cut with a tool called “tentsuki”, and it’s kind of fun (which must be why this toy was created).

Actual Tokoroten Cut With a Tentsuki


These “Infinity Toys” sold over 5 millions so far.

It’s sure that the tiny key chain toys are good entertainers to reduce stress and bring smiles (^_^)


This is JAPAN Style!


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