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Japanese Snow Monkeys in Hot Spring

  Not only Japanese people but also Japanese monkeys love hot springs!!    

KAWAII! Japanese Funny Cats Videos! Part 2

  “A Caterpillar Cat”It’s not a new creature from Mars. A female cat, Ichigo, loves to hide in a sleeve. According to the owner, “She jumps right in there by…

KAWAII! Japanese Tiger Ornament, new year decoration, 2010

  This is a Japanese traditional tiger ornament. It’s for New Year decoration, 2010. So kawaii! 😛

Japanese Animal SHOGI

Animal Shogi posted by (C)北ハム広報係   Animal Shogi (“dobutsu shogi” in Japanese) is a simplified version of Shogi.

What Does A Dog Do When Its Owner Is Attacked By A Bear?

A Japanese variety TV show, “Trivia no Izumi (The Fountain of Trivia)” researched how many mongrel dogs out of 100, try to save its owner when the owner is attacked…

KAWAII! Japanese Funny Cats !

  This kitten is not only the cutest but also the funniest!

Japanese Meow Meow NEKO CAFE, cat cafe, animal therapy

    For those who want cats but can’t have cats, there are “neko cafe (cat cafe)” where some cats are freed so that the customers can play with them…

PARO — Japanese Adorable Robot Baby Seal, animal therapy

  A mental commitment robot PARO was made to heal and comfort people at hospitals, nursing homes and day care centers. The study of this mental commitment robot has started…

Unique Pets Seen at Japanese Pet Shops

There are unique pets that are more often seen at pet shops; for example, mini pig and barn owl. It might be considered as one of the popular pets in…

SHIBA, a Japanese Dog — 11/1 is the Dog’s Day!

    November 1st is Dog’s day in Japan. In 1987, Japanese pet food associations instituted the “dog’s day” as the day to cherish dogs and expand knowledge of dogs….


For those who want pets but can’t have them for some reasons, there are robot pets from SEGA TOYS. The company released different robot pets as “Yume Pets” series. Especially…