Unique Voice Café Opens in Shibuya

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According to Japan Anniversary Association, May 8 is the Voice Day. In Shibuya, Tokyo, a unique café themed “voice” opens today and will run till June 9, 2011.

Named “Mote-goe (attractive voice) Café,” it is produced the Koe So-ken (Voice Research Institute).

The waiters, of course, have attractive voices, and they serve foods that are good for throat such as ginger, honey, and burdocks.

In the café, there will be a voice judge tool “VQ checker,” which the customers can check how “attractive” their voices are. For those who want to improve their voices, the café will have free voice training class by a professional voice trainer.

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am to 4:30pm (LO/4pm) for Lunch and 6pm to 11pm (LO/10:30pm) for Dinner
Sat-Sun 12pm to 11pm (LO/10:30pm)

Address: 4-17 Sakuragaokamachi, Shibuya, Tokyo
(7 minutes walk from the Shibuya Station)


Link: Koe So-ken “Mote-goe Café”


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