KAWAII! Japanese Funny Cats !


This kitten is not only the cutest but also the funniest!

It must be one of the most popular video in YouTube right now, because it has already played over 2.6 million times.

There are some cats that became popular through YouTube in Japan.

“Nekonabe (cat in a pot)” captured that cats sleeping in a Japanese earth ware pot.

The owner of the cats said that when she left her pot on a floor, one of her cats got in the pot and curled up its body to sleep comfortably.

After that happened, the other cats start doing the same thing and everyone liked it!

This video became so popular in video sites that its DVD and picture book were released a couple years ago.


“Eki neko (station cat)”

This video is a cat relaxing on a ticket machine at a station.

Because the machine is nice and warm, that cat uses it as a heater.

The amazing thing is that when crowds get off a train and use the machine, the cat doesn’t move but sit there quietly!!

The passengers are totally ignoring the cat like “Yeah yeah, the cat. It’s always there, whatever.”



This is JAPAN Style!


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