Japan Loves Lottery!! — Year-End Lottery




Do you like lotteries?

Japanese people love takarakuji (lotteries)!

Because salaries have decreased due to the recent recession, people might get more interest in lotteries today.


There are various lotteries in Japan but the most exciting ones are, Dream Jumbo, Summer Jumbo and Nennmatsu (year-end) Jumbo Takarakuji, of which winnings are grand.

The lottery days are in June, August, and on December 31st.


The following char is this year’s Nennmatsu (year-end) Jumbo Prizes.


1st Prize: 200,000,000 yen x 1
One Digit Different from 1st Prize: 50,000,000 yen x 2
Same Digit as 1st Prize but in Different Group: 100,000 yen x 99
2nd Prize: 100,000,000 yen x 2
3rd Prize: 5,000,000 yen x 10
4th Prize: 100,000 yen x 600
5th Prize: 10,000 yen x 10,000
6th Prize: 3,000 yen x 100,000
7th Prize: 300 yen x 1,000,000
Cheerfully 2010 (Genkini 2010 nenn) Prize: 1,000,000 yen x 100

(1 US Dollar = 91 yen (12/27/09))


The “Cheerfully 2010 Prize” means “win the prize and be cheerful next year!”

It’s a prize for Japan to get out of the recession. (^_^)

The single lottery ticket is 300 yen (approx. US$3), and multiple tickets can be bought consecutively or randomly.

Every time when the Jumbo lotteries start to be sold, long lines of customers are seen at lottery booths in all parts of the country.

In Tokyo, a lottery booth in Ginza is famous for the line.

Many people come to this booth all the way from distant towns by train.

When I see the line on a news show, I feel the end of the year.



I think some people buy lottery tickets with friends and share the prize but most people buy for him/her own.


Did I buy some?  YES, I did!!!


In my case, I only buy 10 tickets (3,000 yen) because I don’t have money (lol).

I wish I win at least 7th prize…


Well, if there is a chance, I’ll introduce other lotteries on JAPAN Style!

Let me know about a lottery in your country!


This is JAPAN Style!


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