How to Drink Beer Better at Home

It’s been very hot in Tokyo these days; the temperature is over 30C already.

I guess it means the beer season has come!

For those who enjoy beer at home, I want to share some beer tips that I found online.

Using these tricks, canned beer may tastes like draft beer!?


Photo by ojaga


– Making Creamy Foam 1

This trick is popular. Drop disposable wooden chopsticks in a glass of beer, and stimulated carbon dioxide gas froth the beer up.



– Making Creamy Form 2

Put a little beer in an empty plastic bottle and shake to make foam, and then pour it onto a glass beer.


– Canned Beer

Instead of opening the pull tub, make two holes on the top diagonally.
Pour beer from one of the holes, and it’ll make fine form.


– Keep Fizz

Cover unfinished beer with a chilled glass. It prevents beer from loosing fizz.
You can use this trick to soda too!


These tricks are very simple and easy. So next time when you buy bottled or canned beer, try them and see if it tastes better (^_^)


Source: TuiTui


This is JAPAN Style!